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Stella Maris Explorers is passionate about our mission to encourage science and art education in Mississippi. If you're passionate about STEAM education and you want to help us, please send us a message or send us mail to our PO Box!

We are always eager to meet and support local homeschooling families. We are so glad you found us! And hope you'll join us for an in-person meeting.

Stella Maris Explorers

PO Box 1491, Ocean Springs, MS 39566

Explorers Club Meetings

Thursdays 9am - noon

St. Michael Catholic Church, Biloxi


Please reach us at if you cannot find an answer to your question or if you have a question about the Stella Maris Explorers non-profit.

Do I have to be Catholic to join the Stella Maris Explorers Club?

The Stella Maris Explorers Club is a Catholic organization, but we welcome any family that feels the Explorers Club is a good fit for them.

Do I have to use a specific curriculum at home?

No. The Explorers Club is an enrichment activity. Our science and art lessons complement a wide array of curriculum and teaching pedagogies

How much at the member dues? Are there any other fees?

Dues for the semester are $65 per club member. Semester dues cover all activities and supplies for the 15 club meetings a semester. Field trips are optional and are the only additional fee.

Is there a sibling discount?

Yes! There is a discount of $5 for each sibling. First club member in the family is $65 and each additional family member is $60.

Can younger siblings come along? Older siblings?

Younger siblings are welcome and tag along for free. Older siblings are welcome to join the Explorers Club on a case by case basis, please email us to inquire. Older siblings, however, are always welcome to bring their own independent study and find an area to accomplish it - there are always extra tables available for this. We are launching our Dolphins+ program for 6th - 12th grade sibling for the Spring 2024. Please email us to inquire further.

Do I have to stay with my child for club meetings?

If this is your first semester with the Explorers Club or your child needs help using the restroom, then yes, you must stay for club meetings.

Do parents have input on what is covered?

Yes! We welcome parents to complete a survey in the middle of each semester to help us plan for the next semester. And we happily welcome help for any parent who wants to help lead activities.

How will this club benefit my children and our homeschool?

Stella Maris Explorers Club offers families a low-stress way to incorporate hands-on science and art enrichment into their unique homeschools while planting and growing the seeds of faith children need to flourish. Explorers thrive among friends, and parents enjoy the weekly opportunity to visit and work with like-minded families.

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